Hugh Manatee's Last Stand

If you're going to read about the end of the world, you might as well laugh


Apologies to Leonardo da Vinci

Apologies to Leonardo da Vinci

You've entered the world of Hugh Manatee's Last Stand, a humorously sinister vision of what we can look forward to over the next 200 years or so. Let me warn you right up front, it's not for weenies! I don't want to overwhelm you all at once, so this website is a starter kit. It's a preview of the ultimate dystopian experience, an utterly hopeless literary and visual fantasy that makes the Hunger Games trilogy look like three episodes of “Cupcake Wars.”

This book has it all—evil overlords tyrannizing a desperate human population, young heroes determined to break the iron grip of the oppressive ruling class, and unrequited love between two defiant (and incredibly good looking) protagonists.

You’ll meet Hugh Manatee, apprentice engineer in the Bilge, the pumping station in the lowest depths of the Obelisk (the last intact structure still standing in the metro DC area). Hugh’s not only a hunk, he’s smart as a whip and a virtuoso nose flutist. His unrequited love interest is the exquisite Iphigenia “Iffy” Bunch, who toils in the Bilge machine shop, when she’s not honing her skills as a crack sharpshooter with the slingshot.

Their antagonists are the SIM-atar despots who run the Obelisk—Maximus Nyl, head of the Board of Regents, Karfax Polidor, Chief Operations Officer, and most menacing of all, Julic Rendor, direct descendant of Vlad the Impaler and inventor of the Klivors, the death-dealing droids that terrorize the human inhabitants.

So take your time. Get to know Hugh and the crew. Take the sample pages out for a spin. If you like what you see, let me know, or better still, let your social media friends know!